Alberta Grown Series: Plantlife In The Prairies

Uncovering the Roots of Plantlife Cannabis

Plantlife is an experience born in the prairies. What started as an Edmonton man’s dream has now grown to be one of the largest cannabis retailer chains in the province, but just because we’ve grown doesn’t mean we’ve lost our roots. Proudly Alberta-owned and operated, we offer consistently high-quality Canadian cannabis and well-trained staff at all of our store locations.

Alberta Has a Complex Cannabis History

Petroleum and canola isn’t the only kind of oil and grass that has been popularized across the prairies. Even prior to legalization, stoner culture was alive and well in Alberta, for good reason too. Alberta is home to some of the greatest high activities of all time as if there’s any other way to snowboard. Not to mention that Alberta is home to some of the greatest potheads in history, one of which will have you ‘Up in Smoke’ if you catch our drift.

Even beyond legalization, Alberta has taken the lead in the cannabis industry. Being one of the first provinces to offer brick & mortar stores, Alberta has continued as a leader in licensed retailer locations. Along with dispensaries, Alberta is home to 19 licensed producers that are highlighting just how beautiful Alberta bud can be.

We Follow The Culture

We have been here since day one, when we first opened our doors in Lloydminster, but our knowledge of Alberta’s weed culture goes beyond legalization day. To put it simply we’ve known dope since the days of tarnished silverware and smashed aluminium. Which is why we believe in continuing that same culture today, especially when it comes to our core-values. 

At Plantlife, our values are aligned with the key aspects of Alberta-living. We believe that a Canadian tuxedo can and should be taken seriously, that surprising your buddy with a double double is the act of a true friendship, and that any weather is warm enough to toke in. However, that is only the beginning. We take pride in lining our shelves with only the finest selection of customer cannabis brands and accessories.

The Alberta Grown Series

You don’t have to travel far to find good bud. Alberta is home to a long list of notable potheads and talented growers that deserve to be showcased, so we are going to do just that. We are kicking off our Alberta-Grown blog series where we’ll be highlighting all of the amazing products being produced right here in the province. Become part of the Plantlife Family to be the first to receive inside details on all of the hottest Alberta buds such as, OGEN, Palm Gardens, and Natural History, to name a few. In the meantime, feel free to visit a Plantlife retailer near you and let our budtenders provide you with the marijuana information you’re looking for.

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