Alberta Grown Series #4: Natural History

Natural History

Welcome back to our Alberta-grown cannabis series where we are highlighting all of the good green being grown right here in our beautiful prairie backyards. 

As Natural History puts it, “cannabis is a story of humanity.” Over the past 3000 years, historical genetics have been cultivated and shared across cannabis communities. Often risking everything to provide people with compassionate access, cannabis growers have spent decades perfecting the award-winning strains we know and love today. Many of these cannabis heroes can be credited for passing down popular lineages such as GG4. 

Becoming a Key Player in the Alberta Cannabis Industry

Thanks to the expert cultivation techniques at Natural History, these long-tested strains have found themselves on our shelves. An experience like no other, Natural History is growing cannabis that will stand out as a crucial chapter in the industry’s saga. Growing in the heart of Edmonton, Alberta they are offering stand-out cannabis strains along with popular cult classics, all while preserving their impactful genetics – talk about a winning combo.

Shop Natural History’s Premium Strains:

Name: Crescendo

Lineage: Chem Dawg x I-95 x Mandarin Cookies
High THC

Format: 3.5g flower, 3.5g reserve, prerolls, vapes, terp sauce
Smell: Sweet, citrus, and earthy
Appearance: Sparkling, green buds, with purple accents, and dark orange pistils
Taste: A sour yet gassy flavour mixed with berry
Pair With: Disco dance parties

Name: Fruit Cake

Lineage: Cookies & Cream x Plum Wine
High THC

Format: 3.5g flower, 3.5g reserve, prerolls, vapes, terp sauce
Smell: A spicy, peppery aroma with tropical undertones
Appearance: Fluffy purple to green buds
Taste: Sweet, pineapple flavours with a spicy finish
Pair With: Epic games nights

Name: Zour Apples

Lineage: Plantman Jack Herer x Ethos Glue
High THC

Format: 3.5g flower, 3.5g reserve, prerolls, vapes, terp sauce
Smell: A sweet, vanilla, and green apple scent
Appearance: Bright to medium green buds with vibrant orange pistils
Taste: Fresh, tangy apple cider
Pair With: Puffing paint nights

Name: Island Breeze

Lineage: Critical Bilbo
THC 21-25%
CBD 0-1%
Terpenes 2.5-3.5%

Format: Prerolls, 3.5g
Smell: Deep herbal scent with pine undertones
Appearance: Vibrant green and orange, dense nugs
Taste: A tsunami of herbal with a peppery aftertaste
Pair With: Late nights by the lake, meditating, getting a good night’s rest

Name: ACDC Cookies

Lineage: ACDC x GSC
3:1 CBD: THC

Format: 3.5g flower, 3.5g reserve, prerolls, vapes, terp sauce
Smell: Distinct scent of fennel and anise
Appearance: Deep purple buds, bright orange pistils
Taste: Slightly sour flavour with nutty notes
Pair With: Sunday morning meditations

Name: Sunset

*High Times Best Product Awards in 2019
Lineage: Ethos Cookies #12 x Mandarin Sunset R1
High THC

Format: 3.5g flower, 3.5g reserve, prerolls, vapes, terp sauce
Smell: Sweet floral and citrus aromas
Appearance: Tight purple to green buds
Taste: Floral flavour with a gassy undertone
Pair With: Afternoon dog walks

Name: Meat Breath

*Leafly’s Best Cannabis Strains of Summer 2020
Limited Release
Lineage: Meatloaf x Mendo Breath F2
16-25% THC

Format: 3.5g flower
Smell: Spicy pepperoni fragrance
Appearance: Thick trichomes and dense bud structure
Taste: Dank, spicy flavour with an earthy finish
Pair With: Midnight snack sessions

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The Alberta Grown Series

You don’t have to travel far to find good bud. Alberta is home to a long list of notable potheads and talented growers that deserve to be showcased, so we are going to do just that. We are kicking off our Alberta-Grown blog series where we’ll be highlighting all of the amazing products being produced right here in the province. Become part of the Plantlife Family to be the first to receive inside details on all of the hottest Alberta buds such as, OGEN, Palm Gardens, and Natural History, to name a few. In the meantime, feel free to visit a Plantlife retailer near you and let our budtenders provide you with the marijuana information you’re looking for.