Alberta Grown Series #7: Dynaleo


Welcome back to our Alberta-grown cannabis series where we are highlighting all of the good green being grown right here in our beautiful prairie backyards. 

Edmonton, Alberta; The City of Champions is known for a lot of things. Dynaleo with their product line of Sunshower, Dynathrive and soon to arrive Pocket Fives is adding Gummy Gurus to the list of celebrations.

Yum yum gummy!

January 2020 there was a huge shift in the retail recreational cannabis market as edibles arrived in Alberta and became available for purchase at Plantlife Cannabis.  Gummies are now the highest selling edible across the country because they are easy to use, offer fun and interesting flavours and are a discreet way to consume cannabis.  Dynaleo’s facility is located on the edge of the city of Edmonton in Nisku and is equipped with industry leading machinery sourced from the best candy makers in the world.


While touring the  facility, it is evident that there is a high level of innovation being used for premium quality production.  The very fine tuned machines hum, churn and spit out beautiful and bright gummies; while the attentive and diligent team members prove they are committed to an elevated cannabis experience with their gummies.  Dynaleo has given further focus into the actual joy of eating a gummy by concentrating on their chew and texture.  



Achieving that ‘extra attention to detail’ in the chew of the gummies coming out is an art and Dynaleo are stellar artists succeeding at their mastery.  

Cannabis is the Bonus!

When you eat a Sunshower gummy or Dynathrive soft chew, you notice the difference from their all natural concentrates used for flavouring and science and technology used; the effects of the cannabis are the bonus.

Dynathrive & CBD 

CBD has gained popularity as a health and wellness supplement and the Dynathrive line has been tailored to meet a consumer’s want for daily dosing.  The pomegranate comes in a 7 x 10mg or a 30 x 10mg package; ideal for a week or a month of precise dosing.  The 30 count package is the first large format of its kind across all of Canada which is also available in a refreshing Apple Cider flavour too.

Sunshower – THC  & CBD 

It has been very evident across the cannabis industry that introducing edibles to the retail market was intended as a nice soft welcome mat for those new to cannabis, those returning to cannabis use and/or those looking to explore eating cannabis.   The Sunshower 5 x 2mg THC packs come in the best flavour bombs out there with Watermelon Lemonade, Wild Strawberry and Mango Tangerine.  Also unique to their brand are the 10 gummies x 5mg CBD : 1mg THC microdose Blood Orange that lets any new and/or veteran consumer play with how many yummy gummies they want to indulge in.

Find Dynaleo Gummies Near You

If you’ve made it this far, you must certainly be committed to premium products, so let us help connect you with your favourites. Visit our online menu to locate and reserve these yummy gummies!

The Alberta Grown Series

You don’t have to travel far to find good bud. Alberta is home to a long list of notable potheads and talented growers that deserve to be showcased, so we are going to do just that. We are kicking off our Alberta-Grown blog series where we’ll be highlighting all of the amazing products being produced right here in the province. Become part of the Plantlife Family to be the first to receive inside details on all of the hottest Alberta buds such as, OGEN, Palm Gardens, and Natural History, to name a few. In the meantime, feel free to visit a Plantlife retailer near you and let our budtenders provide you with the marijuana information you’re looking for.