Vapes Arriving Soon

vapes are arriving soon at Plantlife Cannabis

  It’s official! Cannabis #vapes are coming to Alberta! 🌿 Government has reviewed the available evidence, data and other provinces’ positions on cannabis vaping and determined the sale of cannabis vapes in Alberta will be allowed. It was important to take the time to review the evidence available and ensure that this decision was made in the best interest of Albertans. Government will continue to monitor these products and available evidence to ensure the health and safety of Albertans is protected. There will initially be limited stock but there will be vape products available on the February 10th order form. Orders start on Feb 10th and will arrive in our shops soon after that! #alberta #cannabis #plantlifecanada


Edibles, Extracts, Topicals, and Beverages ARE HERE! Starting on Monday, January 13, our stores will receive their first shipments of edibles. This is the first wave and just the beginning of a whole new world of cannabis products that will expand later! Here’s the catch: due to the incredible demand for these new products, quantities will be very limited. What exactly is Cannabis 2.0?   Edibles Products: Chocolate Cookies Mints Soft Chews Yes, you will be able to buy cookies, brownies, candies and any other tasty infused foods that LPs (licensed producers) come up with! A single serving of edibles can contain no more than 10 milligrams of THC per serving, regardless of how many cookies, brownies or candies you order.   Extracts Products: Shatter…

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