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Bzam X Dunn - Gas Face 3.5g

Bzam X Dunn - Gas Face 3.5g


THC: 28-34%

BZAM x Dunn Craft Series presents: a limited-edition drop direct from an artisanal grower on Vancouver Island. Gas Face is an indica-dominant cultivar with high THC and a strong gassy nose that can only be found during the pheno-hunt. This handcrafted and slow cured flower gets its gassy flavour and frosty exterior from its unique lineage in Face Mints (Face Off OG x Kush Mints) and Biscotti x Sherb backcross. Its gassiness is complemented by citrus, spicy, nutty and sugary flavours from its caryophyllene-dominant terpene profile. Ready to get gassed up? Add fire to this fuel for best results.

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