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Libra 1:1 Live Resin Cartridge | 1g

Libra 1:1 Live Resin Cartridge | 1g

By High Priestess

THC: 40%
CBD: 40%

LIBRA Live Resin Vape cart feature single-strain BHO extracted live resin. Like its scales, Libra Live Resin Vape offers a beautiful balance of a 1:1 THC and CBD. Libra's element is air; a light, dispersive element, epitomizing a sense of harmony, balance and fair play. Consumers will find this in the subtle flavours and aromas of sweet bubble gum and berry, layered over subtle hints of earth and wood. Single-strain names can be found on the back of the packaging, allowing consumers the transparency of finding their favorite strain, while giving High Priestess the flexibility to offer the most sought after craft strains on the market in a compliant professional format. Device not included.

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