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Kitchen Sink Pre-Roll 3-pack | 1.5g

Kitchen Sink Pre-Roll 3-pack | 1.5g

By Next Friday

THC: 25-31%

Kitchen Sink is a highly potent and heavy-hitting hybrid bred by Cannarado Genetics. This extremely resinous plant is a cross between GMO Cookies (Chem D and Girl Scout Cookies) and Sundae Driver. This heavyweight produces large, dense buds with purple and blue tint throughout the flower. The fresh aromas are reminiscent of sweet pine with foul garlic and cookie dough undertones. Offering flavours of fruity, sweet, skunk but still gassy and foul when dried. This cultivar is extremely potent. This phenotype was hunted and selected by Tunaaaa Room, so naturally it's become a staple in our cultivation schedule.

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