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Petrocan Pre-Roll 3-pack | 1.5g

Petrocan Pre-Roll 3-pack | 1.5g

By Tantalus Labs

THC: 24-30%

Lineage: F2 I-95 X F2 Chemdawg Petrocan is a BC grown, gassed-up sativa hybrid (60% sativa, 40% indica), crafted by Tantalus Labs. It’s a cross also known as Chem De la Chem, consisting of the legendary Chemdawg and I-95, known for its high-octane potency. Rising to notoriety in the early 90s, Chemdawg has become a favoured parent for breeding powerful strains. Petrocan lives up to its name as a notably sticky flower that has a subtly sweet yet unique fuel aroma with spicy, herbal undertones. 

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