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San Rafael '71 - Sourdough 14g

San Rafael '71 - Sourdough 14g

By San Rafael '71

THC: 27-32%

After 2 years of careful genetic screening, Sourdough is what came out of the oven! A real legend in the baking with 100% unique and proprietary genetics, Sourdough comes from a rad mixture of Cake and Diesel lineages with righteous notes of sour, cake, and gas -- from top terps, Myrcene and Caryophyllene. Sourdough impresses with high THC and large, forest-green buds flecked with purple hues and frosted in trichomes. Break some bread and scoop up the terp-rich, high-THC strain that rises to any occasion! All of our premium strains are hang dried, hand finished and hand bottled, so you only get the biggest frostiest and stickiest buds. Every jar includes a humidity packet to help ensure freshness.

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