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Spinach Feelz - Mango Kiwi Haze CBC Infused 3x.5g

Spinach Feelz - Mango Kiwi Haze CBC Infused 3x.5g

By Spinach Feelz

THC: 32-38%

Grab your bag, your friends and get going! A new day's adventure awaits with the Spinach Feelz Mango Kiwi Haze (Day Trip) THC:CBC infused pre-roll. With high-quality and high potency cold-filtered extract, this infused pre-roll will kickstart any day trip at 32%+ THC. From sun-up to sun-down, feel at ease and in tune with all the scents, sights, and sounds this glorious world has to offer. Dialed-up with fruity, citrusy terpenes, enjoy refreshing kiwi and juicy mango flavour notes. THC+CBC may provide for a 'clear and uplifting high'; and with a one-of-a-kind flavour experience we're creating the best adventures with friends. Feelz. The Way You Want.

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