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Greybeard - Strawberry Syrup Live Resin 1g

Greybeard - Strawberry Syrup Live Resin 1g


THC: 68-78%

Strawberry Syrup Vape is a genuine, Strawberry Syrup flavour experience that packs a serious punch! She slaps with intense Strawberry vibes up front and finishes with notes of mixed berries and fermented funkiness on the back end. Contained within a premium AVD 510 Thread cartridge with a 1mm aperture to ensure a smooth and consistent draw with maximum flavour. Strawberry Syrup is a sun-grown, single source flower extracted with our advanced hydrocarbon process to produce an incredibly pure extract. The result is an aromatic and flavourful Live Resin, capturing a vivid representation of our Strawberry Syrup trees at the peak of their outdoor bloom.

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