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Truro - Donair Kush 7g

Truro - Donair Kush 7g

By Truro

THC: 27-32%

"Donair Kush is a unique and high THC (27-32 percent) Indica-Dominant legacy cultivar of Platinum Kush (Platinum OG Kush X Kush Mints). Flavour profile is earthy, sweet, and tangy. Donair Kush is proudly grown on the East Coast in Truro, Nova Scotia in our state-of-the-art small batch production facility, where each bud is carefully cultivated, hang-dried, hand-trimmed, slow-cured (21-28 days), and hand-packaged in 100% recyclable aluminum cans that are purged with liquid nitrogen to preserve the dried flower quality, moisture content, and terpene profile for the ultimate craft cannabis experience."

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