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Utillian Wax & Dry Herb Vaporizers 722 - GunMetal

Utillian Wax & Dry Herb Vaporizers 722 - GunMetal


Key Features: Warranty: 1 Year Heat Up Time: 30 Seconds Convection heating Approx. 60min of battery life Boost Mode Temperature Single Button Operation Dry herbs & Wax Compatible is well-known in the world of portable vaporizers for making great units like the 421 and the 721. The new Utillian 722 vape is an upgrade over its discontinued sibling the 721 that features a slick new look, better airflow, and higher temperature options. It retains the same solid battery life of its predecessor along with great vapour production. For a so-called budget vaporizer, you will not be disappointed with the Utillian 722. If you’re looking for an even smoother experience attach the 14mm whip bubbler for a noticeable difference in vapour cooling and quality.

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