Where to Go? Taste of Edmonton

If there is an activity that is tied to cannabis, it is eating – what a wonderful attribute for our community; and thank goodness for Taste Of Edmonton

It’s been a minute! Come on Alberta, we can all agree that welcoming back the largest outdoor food festival in Canada is going to be…….interesting and we are curious.  Post pandemic lockdown habits, actions, feelings and thoughts are all over the place, right?

Churchill Square will again be filled with the smell, the sites, the excitement, the sharing that we may or may not remember; we may or may not be ready for.  Stretchy pants and heat are not the best of companions; alas cannabis and food are.

The Plantlife Family will help you find your pre and post Taste of Edmonton cannabis products, so you can arrive good to go, continue to indulge and have all your cravings curbed and then find comfort after you are verging into food coma status.  Edmonton is a very cannabis friendly city; you can smell; I mean sense it.

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