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BOXHOT - Highlighters Guava Stardawg Disposable 1g

BOXHOT - Highlighters Guava Stardawg Disposable 1g

By BOXHOT Highlighters

THC: 83-89%
CBD: 0.01-2%

"BOXHOT EXOTIC PRESENTS: Guava Stardawg, a 1.0 g all-in-one vape pen featuring a colossal dose of THC and some of the purest cannabis distillate available on the market. This tropical rocket shoots you into the stratosphere with tangy guava flavour, a hint of flowery and pine notes, and an airy high that will have you lost in space. All Highlighters are equipped with rechargeable micro-USB technology, which means you won't run out of juice before you run out of juice. Inhale the island breeze on island time."

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