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Token - Favour Peach Shot 60ml

Token - Favour Peach Shot 60ml

By Token

THC: 10mg

"Favour from Token is Canada's first cannabis drink shot made for mixing. Made with innovative THC nano-emulsion and real fruit juice, these flavour-forward drink mixers taste great and act fast. Drink as a shot for convenience or mix into your favorite drink for full-flavour enjoyment. Expect to feel effects in approximately 15 minutes and are likely to last a few hours, so turn up or wind down - the experience is yours to choose. Each bottle contains 10mg of nano-emulsified THC combined with delicious, full-bodied flavours without a bitter aftertaste. Made with raspberry juice, natural flavours and a cannabis formulation that eliminates cannabis taste and smell. These fast-acting, sessionable drinks are non-carbonated and water soluble so you can add it to your favourite beverage, hot or cold. Plus, Favour is shelf-stable for convenient storage until you're ready to mix! Contains no common allergens. Designed and made in Alberta by local company Token Naturals."

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