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232-S Series Cold Cured Live Rosin Cartridge | 1g

232-S Series Cold Cured Live Rosin Cartridge | 1g

By Kolab Project

THC: 68-78%
CBD: 0.01-5%

This rendition of the 232-S Series, a Live Rosin cart, provides cannabis enthusiasts with an authentic, terpene-rich, full spectrum experience delivered with the simplicity of a vape. Kolab Project put their Wedding Pie strain through a solventless extraction process to produce a beautifully aromatic Live Rosin, with a spicy cracked pepper profile. Kolab Project is a platform dedicated to supporting and celebrating the connection between cannabis and culture. In collaboration with culturally relevant creators, their mission is to provide a carefully curated selection of exceptional cannabis, accessories and experiences to Canadian cannabis enthusiasts. Embrace the Unexpected.

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