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Ness - Spiced Vanilla Mint x Strawberry Orange Cream Twin Pack 2x.5 g

Ness - Spiced Vanilla Mint x Strawberry Orange Cream Twin Pack 2x.5 g

By -ness

THC: 860%
CBD: 10%

Perhaps the sweetest little vape duo you're ever going to meet, it's the -ness Spiced Vanilla Mint x Strawberry Orange Cream Smoothie Twin-Pack! Indica-dominant Spiced Vanilla Mint (Rootbeer Float x Birthday Cake) brings a frothy mug full of spicy, cola and vanilla flavour, while sativa-dominant Strawberry Orange Cream Smoothie (Orange Crush x Juicy Fruit) features that classic pairing of orange and creamy vanilla. Both 0.5g vapes are high in THC and compatible with 510-thread batteries. -ness distillate is run through our cryo-ethanol extraction process that produces an odourless cannabis oil. This makes an ideal base for the natural, botanical-derived terpenes we add to get strain-specific flavours with no added solvents, pigments, fillers, waxes or phytol. The cartridges feature No Burn Technology with an embedded heating coil in the centre of the ceramic core so the heat is evenly transmitted with no overheating. The core smoothly absorbs oil for consistent vaporization and flavour retention. That's just the science-y way of saying these flavours POP. No paper straw required! Explore Your -ness.

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