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33 Splitter

33 Splitter

By True Fire

THC: 28-34%
CBD: 10%

33 Splitter is a very unique and rare strain that is highly sought after. With lineage tracing back to some of the best pheno types of Gelato 33 crossed with Atom Splitter, this strain produces flower that not only has an amazing flavour profile, it is also potent with THC content. Combined with the state of the art set up and controls at True Fire & Co. Ltd. they are able to consistently deliver high THC at a very tight range. This strain is currently not available anywhere else in Canada. It is a designer strain that is highly in demand in California and is quickly gaining more and more notoriety. Based on market data from the OCS annual report, they are confident this strain will rise to the top of the list of the most in demand strains.

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