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BRNT Briq - Concrete Ashtray w/ Walnut Lid Black

BRNT Briq - Concrete Ashtray w/ Walnut Lid Black

By Humble and Fume

More than an ashtray. Briq’s sleek design is poured from concrete for maximum durability. Built to cement itself into your life, Briq’s additional walnut lid (included) keeps the smell in, and the ash out of sight. Lid made of walnut. Base made of concrete. Dimensions Height: 2in Diameter: 4in It’s an unfortunate fact of life that ash stinks. It smells, it gets everywhere, it makes everything less presentable. By extension, that means that ashtrays stink, too - after all, what is an ashtray except a surface that holds ash? Briq is different. Briq has built-in rests to keep your joints above the rest of the ash. Its walnut wood lid keeps the smells in and the ash out of sight. The concrete construction means you would have to actively try to damage it.

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