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Cali Pouch by Cali Crusher 6"x 6"

Cali Pouch by Cali Crusher 6"x 6"

By Humble and Fume

These smell proof pouches are not only stylish, but provide a secure storage option. These 3 colour variations. Each pouch is lined with scent absorbing triple weaved carbon, which ensures your stash will be tucked away discreetly without notice. Also included is our locking zipper (with 2 keys) that keeps your personal belongings safe and 100% secure. If you’re on the go with smell proof storage needs, then this is the pouch for you. Pouch Features: Size: 6" x 6" 100% Smell Proof - Activated Carbon Weather Resistant Materials Locking Zipper - Maximum Protection Portable, Padded, & Highly Functional Design How it Works: Made with activated carbon, this pouch is completely smell proof.

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