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Dab Bods - Pineapple Express Electric Dartz 10x.4g

Dab Bods - Pineapple Express Electric Dartz 10x.4g

By Dab Bods

THC: 18-24%
CBD: 5%

Dab Bods Electric Dartz bring to you an explosion of flavour in an easy to consume cigarette style Pre-Roll. Sharing with you a delicious pineapple aroma in a sativa leaning hybrid strain of Pineapple Express this is sure to leave you with a far out tropical haze. We have homogeonized our 'AAA' milled flower with a mix of all natural terpenes, making these little darts anything but a Pre-Roll. Each package contains (x10) 0.4g perfectly packed joints to consume individually or to share with friends.

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