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Debunk - Blue Widow Infused Crumble 1g

Debunk - Blue Widow Infused Crumble 1g

By Debunk

THC: 71-79%
CBD: 20%

"DEBUNK Crumbled & Infused transforms a dull dabbing experience into an explosion of flavour and potency unlike anything you've had before. A market first - a heavy-hitting dab infused with the same punch of flavour that you've come to expect from vapes. The scientists at DEBUNK start with quality bud, run it through our full spectrum extraction process, and boost it with strain-specific flavours. A new way to experience the highly potent glory of a massive glob in your dab rig. This heavy indica is a cross between two all-time greats: White Widow and Blueberry. A strain that screams 'legacy', Blue Widow slaps you with strong sweet berry and a smooth finish of grape. DEBUNK's proprietary flavour spectrum blends terps give you the true plant entourage that you need from your weed, without sacrificing potency and flavour."

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