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DEBUNK - White Fire Fresh Citrus Diesel 1g

DEBUNK - White Fire Fresh Citrus Diesel 1g

By Debunk

THC: 85%
CBD: 0.01-2%

DEBUNK Flavour Spectrum 1.0 g Vapes combine the natural full spectrum flavours of cannabis with custom blends of flavourful strain specific terps. All DEBUNK vapes come packaged in custom, strain specific hardware. A cross between The White and Fire OG, this powerhouse sativa is lit AF, living up to its name. White Fire is bright and fresh, with strong citrus and pine flavours on the inhale, with a fresh and cooling finish. DEBUNK's proprietary flavour spectrum blends terps give you the true plant entourage that you need from your weed, without sacrificing potency and flavour. Full Flavour. Full Entourage.

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