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DynaThrive Pro CBD Blueberry Acai Soft Chews 30-pack

DynaThrive Pro CBD Blueberry Acai Soft Chews 30-pack

By DynaWellness

CBD: 75mg

DynaThrive Pro was designed for those that embrace and understand the benefits of CBD and the dose that serves them best. Every pack offers 30 delicious lightly-sweet blueberry acai soft chews with a precise dose of 25mg CBD per piece, 2.5x more CBD than our original formulation. Ingredients List Sugars (glucose, sugar, apple juice concentrate), Water, Gelatin, Modified coconut oil, Citric acid, Acacia gum, Cannabis extract, Corn starch, Carnauba wax, Sodium citrate, Natural flavour, Brilliant Blue FCF, Erythrosine, Caramel colour.

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