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OGEN - Retro Release 7g

OGEN - Retro Release 7g


THC: 220-280%
CBD: 0.1-10%

"We're always hard at work to bring you something new -- at the same time, it's difficult to say goodbye to some of our favourites. This rotational release is dedicated to bring those all-star OGEN fan favourites back for a small batch, limited release. Remember that OGEN pheno that you loved, but isn't around anymore? Well, here it is and better than ever, available only for a limited time! Our indoor grown, craft buds are hand trimmed to preserve trichomes, and we use minimal packaging with a secondary seal to keep your bud fresher, longer. Note to Retailers: Retro Release is a rotational selection of some of our best. With something new always getting harvested this is the perfect SKU to keep velocity and FOMO strong! To find out what the freshest drops are email us at to sign up for our weekly inventory updates. As well, you and your customers can check out our Lot Finder ( to see every bit of information on a particular lot. If you'd like to come see these beautiful plants in our custom designed, indoor grown, craft cannabis facility please send an email to"

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