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Organnicraft - Menta Limone 3.5g

Organnicraft - Menta Limone 3.5g

By Organnicraft

THC: 23-29%
CBD: 0.01-1%

Menta Limone is a Slurricane x Kush Mints cross, with high THC and 3-4% overall terpenes. Menta Limone is Italian for Lemon Mint, which is the exact flavour of this cultivar. The strong mint flavour comes from the mix of Alpha/Beta Pinene and Limonene; however, the Limonene comes in above 1%, and when mixed with Ocimene, a sweet lemon flavour is present. Beautiful light green, purple, and orange colour buds, if you can see colours through the layers of trichomes. Menta Limone is an after-dinner treat in the Citrus, Sour, Haze family.

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