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Queen of Bud - Aventurine 2x.5g

Queen of Bud - Aventurine 2x.5g

By Queen of Bud

THC: 23-27%
CBD: 0.01-1%

Aventurine is often referred to as a good luck stone a high-vibrational stone known for its happy and uplifting qualities. We paired this stone with a high-THC, sativa-dominant cultivar, resulting in a clean, flavourful smoke. Aventurine's properties of prosperity and vitality are achieved by expressing optimism, translated by this cultivar's flavourful buds packed with terpenes, which we believed is best enjoyed in the daytime. Using whole flower only, our pre-rolls are hand finished and gently placed into their packaging for minimal agitation, to give you product you can be optimistic purchasing.

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