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Spinach - Peach Punch 1.2g

Spinach - Peach Punch 1.2g

By Spinach

THC: 83%
CBD: 0.01-1%

Life can be all peaches and cream when you've got a Spinach Peach Punch 1.2g vape in hand. With inspiration from Peaches and Cream, a phenotype of the popular Skunk No. 1, you'll enjoy the sweetest, freshest, peachy flavours ready for a full harvest. Thanks to the finest, highly potent, cannabis extract, we're punching this one up to 1000mg of THC per cart. And with our optimized vape tech, this cannabis experience will bring you bigger hits and bigger flavour each time you take a puff. Our rich CO2 extract is cold-filtered at sub-zero temps before it is distilled 4x to ensure consistency and deliver pure consistent quality, time and time again.

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