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Tribal - Cuban Linx 5x.6g

Tribal - Cuban Linx 5x.6g

By Tribal

THC: 22-30%
CBD: 0.01-1%

Cuban Linx is a hybrid strain of cannabis that tends to be sativa leaning. With its refreshing lemony aroma and diverse terpene profile, Cuban Linx was bred by crossing TK Skunk and Trigerian. The result is a huge bud with a shape that resembles corn on the cob. With both parents being elevated in THC, it is no surprise that Cuban Linx is also a high THC flower. Due to indoor cultivation at reduced temperatures, the quantity of terpenes increased greatly and produced distinct, complex flavor profiles. The diverse richness of exotic terpenes found in Cuban Linx give these buds a lemony aroma that is accentuated by hints of gassy diesel and a touch of spiciness. A truly refreshing strain, its flavors and smells are as exciting as the high it provides. Our Pre-Rolls are produced with nothing but whole buds which have been consistently ground to deliver rich flavors and wrapped in premium hemp cones.

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