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Tribal - Gelato Mint 5x.6g

Tribal - Gelato Mint 5x.6g

By Tribal

THC: 20-28%
CBD: 10%

Gelato Mint is a indica-dominant strain of cannabis. This genetic is great for any time of day. Due to its rich terpene profile, Gelato Mint's flavors are noticeably present from inhale to exhale. Gelato Mint was bred by crossing 'It's It' and 'Cookies & Cream' resulting in a fairly round bush bud. When cultivating this genetic indoors at reduced lower stage temperatures this genetic produces increased terpenes and distinct flavor profiles. Gelato Mint is best known for its overwhelming fresh flavors and aromas. As its name suggests, Gelato Mint smells like a fresh mint dessert with pepper notes and earthy pine undertones. Due to its rich terpene profile, the bud's flavors are similar to its aromas and noticeably present from inhale to exhale. Our Pre-Rolls are produced with nothing but whole buds which have been consistently ground to deliver rich flavors and wrapped in premium hemp cones.

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