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Vox - Popz Mango OG Crushable Infused 3x.5g

Vox - Popz Mango OG Crushable Infused 3x.5g

By Vox Popz

THC: 25-31%
CBD: 0.01-2%

Vox Popz is excited to introduce its first product line of Crushable Pre-Rolls. The power of flavour at your finger tips. Each pre-roll comes loaded with a bead of pure flavour embeded in the filter. Simply pinch and crush to pop off and take your joint to the next level. Mango-ing, going, gone. Get ready for big hits of everyones favourite fruit flavour, delivered in a brand new way. Equip sunglasses and get ready to brighten your day, no matter the weather.

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